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This page contains spoilers to the game's final plot. It is advised you skip this section or page if you haven't completed the game yet!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat Endings Edit

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat features a multi-part ending, covering the fate of the different areas and the different major characters encountered in the game. This takes the form of a narrated slideshow which details the fate of each character after the final escape from Pripyat and the evacuation of the Operation Fairway survivors.

The ending features a total of up to 20 different segments. Some segments have multiple possible outcomes depending on the player's actions throughout the game, while other segments only occur if the player has completed a relevant side quest.

This article contains absurd amounts of spoilers; so if you have not yet completed the game, it is recommended you don't read these.

Ending SegmentsEdit

Major DegtyarevEdit

Major Degtyarev is offered a promotion to Colonel and a position at USS Headquarters as mission coordinator, as a reward for the successful completion of his investigation into Operation Fairway's fate. He declines the position at HQ and requests to be sent back to the Zone as the USS's permanent observer. This is the only ending for Major Degtyarev and it occurs by default once the game is completed.

X LaboratoriesEdit

Major Degtyarev turns over the information he retrieved concerning the X Laboratories to the USS high command, who remove all references to the project from government archives, classifying it beyond top secret.

Project 62Edit

Several Gauss Rifle prototypes are produced using the Project 62 documents, but mass deployment never occurs due to the restrictively high cost of the weapon's ammunition. This ending occurs if the player retrieves the Project 62 documents from the labratory underneath the Iron Forest Anomaly.

Zaton's Fate: Beard vs SultanEdit

Free Stalker Ending: Sultan's attempt to take over the Skadovsk fails, he and his bandits leave to pursue their shady business elsewhere. This leads to a feeling of relative safety among Stalkers, resulting in a massive increase in Stalker activity and sales of artifacts to Beard, causing his business to boom. The formerly quiet Skadovsk bar becomes almost as popular as the famous 100 Rads bar, despite being nearly at the very center of the Zone. This ending occurs if the player gets the One of Ours achievement.

New Order Ending: Sultan's takeover of the Skadovsk becomes a success and the old ship becomes a home to bandits, though free stalkers were still forced to pay a fee to enter. Despite this however, the Skadovsk became a relatively peaceful place, with disputes rarely occuring - due to the fact that Sultan makes an example of troublemakers by throwing them out the ship during an emission. Beard finally refuses to pay taxes and leaves the Skadovsk along with a group of stalkers to explore the unknown parts of the Zone. This ending occurs if the player earns the Boss achievement.

Neutral Ending: The struggle for control of Skadovsk between the Free Stalkers and the "New Order" of Sultan's bandits continues without a clear victor, and life goes on with the ship remaining a safe haven for any and all. This ending occurs if the player does not resolve the conflict between Beard and Sultan.

Zaton's Fate: Bloodsucker LairEdit

Zaton Prospers Ending: With the destruction of the Bloodsucker Lair, the Skadovsk becomes a center of stability in the ever-changing Zone. This ending occurs if the player destroys the Bloodsucker Lair, regardless of the outcome of the struggle between Beard and Sultan in the previous ending segment.

Bloodsucker Massacre Ending: Eventually, Bloodsuckers from the Bloodsucker Lair begin to lay siege to the Skadovsk. A counter-assault mounted by the Stalkers fails to penetrate the Lair, and a horde of Bloodsuckers eventually massacres the entire human population of the ship. This ending occurs if the player fails to destroy the Bloodsucker Lair, regardless of the outcome of the struggle between Beard and Sultan in the previous ending segment.

Duty vs FreedomEdit

Duty Triumphs Ending: With Duty gaining the favor of the loners of Yanov station, their numbers continue to grow, as more and more loners join Duty. Eventually, Shulga orders an attack on Freedom which eliminates Loki's entire unit, ending Freedom's influence in Yanov. This occurs if the player gets the Friend of Duty achievement.

Freedom Triumphs Ending: With Freedom becoming the influential faction in Yanov, their numbers continue to multiply, and Duty slowly loses ground to the anarchists. Lieutenant Colonel Shulga rallies the remaining Duty stalkers in Yanov in an operation to retake territories lost to Freedom. Shulga however, is killed in the operation and this utterly breaks the morale of the remaining Dutyers in Yanov, causing them to commence a full retreat from Yanov. This occurs if the player gets the Friend of Freedom achievement.

Fragile Balance Ending: The fragile balance between Duty and Freedom at Yanov station is maintained. Tired of the endless struggle, many members of both factions eventually leave to join the Free Stalkers. This ending occurs by default if the player does not fully complete the Duty vs Freedom quest line in complete favor of one faction.

The EcologistsEdit

Success Ending: Hermann and Ozersky's expedition is a success, and the data they have collected facilitates development of ground-breaking medicine and technology. The Ministry of Education allocates additional funding for researching the Zone. This ending occurs if the player obtains the Research Assistant achievement.

Failure Ending: Hermann and Ozersky are forced to cut their expedition short due to a lack of data and after returning to the outside world engaged in unrelated work. This ending occurs if the player does not assist the Ecologists in their research about the area's anomalies.


Pripyat Retaken: Garry's stories about the battle fought by the Operation Fairway survivors against the dangers of Pripyat inspire Stalkers to explore the ghost town. Free Stalkers succeed in occupying the abandoned military outpost set up at the Laundromat, and from there launch patrols to retake the city, making slow but steady progress. This ending occurs if 4 of the 5 remaining members of Operation Fairway join the evac (not including Col. Kovalsky, Lt. Sokolov, or Strelok) and any 3 of them manage to survive the final Evacuation. These are:

The Dead City: Garry's stories about the fate of Operation Fairway serve to warn Stalkers against venturing into Pripyat, which serves to maintain its reputation as the Dead City. This ending occurs if the player fails to save the 3 members of Tarasov's squad, the medic, or the engineer during the events in Pripyat.

The OasisEdit

The Oasis is no longer a legend, and the identity of the Stalker who managed to discover the miraculous anomaly becomes a frequent topic of conversation among Stalkers. Many Stalkers attempt to find the Oasis for themselves, but bandits take advantage of this by offering to guide Stalkers to the Oasis, then mugging them once they are a safe distance away from camp. This ending occurs if the player discovers Oasis, and brings back the Heart of the Oasis artifact to Ozersky as proof.

The MercenariesEdit

Mercenaries continue to be active in the Zone, and their interest in the X laboratories is a growing problem for the USS. Attempts to establish the identity of their mysterious client are unsuccessful. This ending occurs if the player partakes in Operation: One Shot, and the ending will show regardless if the player kills Jackal and/or Serbin.

Yanov StationEdit

Safe Haven Ending: Thanks to the lack of dangerous mutants and abundance of artifact-generating anomalies around Yanov, the area becomes known as a "treasure trove", and continues to attract a growing number of Stalkers. This ending occurs if the player earns the Mutant Hunter achievement.

Dangerous Mutants Ending: Surrounded by dangerous mutants, Yanov gains a reputation as one of the most dangerous places in the Zone, with many Stalkers being killed within sight of the Station. Trapper is one of those presumed killed, having disappeared after last being seen setting out to confront the Chimera responsible for the death of his friend. This ending occurs if the player does not complete Trapper's quest line of hunting down dangerous mutants in Yanov.


Zulu Survives Ending: Zulu returns to Duty's main headquarters at Rostok, and has a private meeting with General Voronin. He is later seen leading a large squad of Duty members into the center of the Zone. This ending occurs if Zulu is recruited for the expedition to Pripyat, survives the Pripyat Underground, and is later rescued from the High School by the player.

Zulu Dies Ending: General Voronin learns of Zulu's fate, and (counter to expectation due to Zulu's defection) posthumously rewards him with the Silver Shield, Duty's highest decoration. This ending occurs if Zulu is recruited into the player's squad, but dies during the events in Pripyat or was not rescued in the Pripyat school campus.


Vano Survives Ending: Vano travels to the Freedom-controlled Military Warehouses, where his cheerful personality and optimism makes him very popular. He eventually takes charge of a small group of researchers studying anomalous areas. This ending occurs if Vano is recruited for the expedition to Pripyat, survives the Pripyat Underground, and later survives the attack on the Monolith-controlled Bookstore.

Vano Dies Ending: Vano is fondly remembered by the Yanov Station Stalkers, who recall his lightheartedness and skill. They agree that with his terrible luck, Vano's journey to Pripyat had been a big mistake. This ending occurs if Vano is recruited into the player's squad, but dies during the events in Pripyat.


Strider Survives Ending: Strider creates a new, highly-trained faction composed of former Monolith fighters who broke free from the C-Consciousness' control. This is achieved if the player recruits Strider into their squad for the trip to the Pripyat Underground and he survives.

Strider Dies Ending: Striders goal of finding and assisting anyone who has managed to escape Monolith's control goes to his grave with him.

Lieutenant SokolovEdit

Sokolov Survives Ending: Sokolov continues to fly missions over the Zone. He is eventually shot down by Mercenaries while flying recon over Limansk. He manages to survive for two weeks before making his way to Cordon and escaping the Zone. Afterwards, he leaves the military and joins a civilian airline. This ending occurs if Sokolov is recruited for the expedition to Pripyat, and survives until the final evacuation of Operation Fairway.

Sokolov Dies Ending: Lt. Sokolov dies in the line of duty, becoming another name in the long list of casualties from Operation Fairway. This ending occurs if Sokolov is recruited into the player's squad, but dies during the events in Pripyat.


Owl establishes a successful trade in information with clients outside of the Zone. Rumors are that one of his clients is the USS itself. This ending is obtained by getting the "A Man of Balance" achievement.


A group of Stalkers are forced to seek shelter on Noah's Ark during an especially powerful emission. The Ark comes under attack by a horde of Snorks, and the Stalkers are forced to concede that it is indeed a formidable defense against mutants. They are further astonished when Noah leads a litter of tame Pseudodog puppies against the Snorks. This ending occurs if Noah is still alive at the end of the game.

Note that Noah has an extreme resistance to damage. It is highly difficult for him to die without the player's influence.


Closure Ending: After learning of the fates of his friends Barge and Joker, Cardan gives up his dream of becoming a Stalker, and moves to Yanov where he teams up with Nitro to set up a full-service repair shop. The two devote their spare time into developing a vehicle capable of operating inside the Zone. This ending occurs if the player gives Cardan both Barge and Joker's PDAs, and shows him the Gauss Gun.

Unresolved Ending: Cardan overcomes his alcoholism, and leaves the Skadovsk to search for his missing friends, Barge and Joker. He returns several days later suffering from serious injuries and radiation poisoning. After recovering, Cardan leaves the Zone for the last time. This ending occurs if the player does not give the PDAs of Barge and Joker to Cardan.


Strelok Survives Ending: Strelok passes on the information he learned during his journey concerning the true nature of the Zone to the commanders of the USS, prompting the government to create a Scientific Institute for Research of the Chernobyl Anomalous Area. Strelok takes a position as their Chief Scientific Consultation. This ending occurs if Strelok survives the final evacuation of Operation Fairway.

Strelok Dies Ending: With Strelok's death, the story of his journey and the information he gained about the true nature of the Zone is lost forever, showing that the Zone knows how to guard its secrets. This ending occurs if Strelok dies during the final battle.

Colonel KovalskyEdit

Kovalsky Survives Ending: Upon his return from the Zone, Colonel Kovalsky is forced to explain the reasons for Operation Fairway's failure. After a drawn-out investigation and the brass' failed attempt to make him the scapegoat for the failure of the operation, Kovalsky receives an honorable discharge. This ending occurs if Kovalsky survives the final evacuation of Operation Fairway.

Kovalsky Dies Ending: Colonel Kovalsky dies, sharing the same fate as the majority of his platoon. Their bodies are lost to the Zone, and only faded photographs remain to remind the people of their sacrifice. This ending occurs if Col. Kovalsky dies during the final battle.

Final ScenesEdit

The ending concludes with two unnarrated photos; birds building a nest at a abandoned railway crane, and an aerial view of Pripyat being reclaimed by nature.

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