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The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Soundtrack includes 28 tracks. 14 of them are available in .ogg format on the game's official website for free download. Cuts of these tracks can be heard as background music in the game's levels. The full soundtrack can be previewed here.

Ambient sounds are composed, played and recorded by Frey Vladimir aka MoozE, who is a famous Russian electronic music artist. He made soundtracks for other GSC-released games as well.

The other three songs by FireLake, Ukrainian metal band. FireLake also made a song called Ghost City but it's not released on the game soundtrack. However, they released a music video for that song on their website.

A piano version of Dirge for the Planet can be heard in the Duty base at the Bar, and Sidorovich's bunker.

Free TracklistEdit

  1. Mutation (music by MoozE)
  2. Dead Cities Pt.2 (music by MoozE)
  3. Radwind Pt.1 (music by MoozE)
  4. Tunnels (music by MoozE)
  5. The Thing (music by MoozE)
  6. S.A.D. (music by MoozE)
  7. Cold/Freezing Out (music by MoozE)
  8. Zone Triggers (music by MoozE)
  9. Radwind Pt.2 (music by MoozE)
  10. Sleeping In Ashes v.2 (music by MoozE)
  11. Rads Pt.1 (music by MoozE)
  12. Dirge for the Planet (lyrics by O.Yavorsky, music by FireLake)
  13. Fighting unknown (music by FireLake)
  14. Against the ionized odds (music by FireLake)

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