Safe in the house

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type



Wild Territory

Coordinates given by
  • Dead Rookie Zombified Loner, Wild Territory
  • Dead Mercenary, Wild Territory

SEVA suit


They say there's a safe in that little house, and that there's something in it.
- PDA description

Safe in the house is a stash featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Getting into the houseEdit

The house is boarded up and difficult to get into, however there seem to be more than one method for getting in. The stash is in a boarded up house on a railway platform. The entire house has low-level radiation throughout, so you will need at least one anti-rad artifact, depending on the quality of your armour's radiation protection.

  1. Easiest. Push a crate or barrel up to the open window on the platform side of the house, jump onto the crate, then crouch jump into the open window. There are crates on the other side of the window if you want to exit that way.
  2. Medium. Find the tower near the train cars not far to the South-East, climb the ladder, jump onto the side be side pipes. Follow them to the house and jump in the hole on the roof mentioned above. (It may take some time to find the tower, occasionally there is a sniper in the tower and a group of 2-9 bandits bellow by the campfire and train car ranging between rookie and veteran ranks.)
  3. Harder. To get there, you will have to locate a ladder leading up to a platform that has a cone shaped object in the middle. You will have to go up the ladder and jump onto the cone shaped object. From there, you will have to jump onto the railing of the platform and then jump onto the house next to the house with the safe in it. You will then have to take a run up from the house you are on and jump onto the house with the stash in it. You have to then locate a hole in the roof, and jump down the hole. But be careful though, because there is a deep hole on the floor with an Electro anomaly in it. All you have to do is find the room with the stash and you have the loot.


  • Travel lightly because the rewards vary from multiple SEVA suits (as mentioned above) to a Walker P9m pistol and medkits and everything in between.
  • DO NOT come unarmed because Snorks, Bandits, and Mercenaries frequent the area as well as blind dogs and pseudodogs.
  • If you continually go through Wild Territory and slaughter everything there, checking the same corpses will give you the coordinates for this stash multiple times, resulting in multiple SEVA suits.


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