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Advanced squad: move out into Limansk and find a safe path through the city.
- ''PDA message''

Scout the road through Limansk is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Eliminate the snipers on the hill task to receive the Scout the road through Limansk mission.


Scar has freed the Mercenaries who were trapped in an anomaly and they have help him get into Limansk. Now he must find safe passage for Clear Sky to get through.

Mission: Scout the road through LimanskEdit

Use the transition point in the tunnel on the west side of the Bridge to Limansk to spawn at the other end of the tunnel. A Clear Sky squad spawns with you and right away spot two Bandits, one seriously injured. The other pleads for his life and offers to give the location of an ambush. The Clear Sky guys don't seem to care about the ambush, so the Bandit turns to you. You can either shoot him or his partner, which causes the others to open fire and both Bandits are dead, or, talk to him, give him a medkit, and he marks the ambush on your PDA.

Assuming you helped the Bandits, go around the ambush to the east and when you come back to the main road another Mercenary calls out to you to hurry over to him. when you get near enough he explains that there's a machine gun keeping him pinned down and ask you to help him take it out. When he finishes you get a secondary task: Destroy the machine gun nest. The house with the machine gun is full of Bandits and you have to shoot your way into the door on the east side of the house and up the ramp to the second story. At some point you get a radio transmission from Clear Sky that help is on the way, but the message is not kept in your PDAs Message Log. Killing the Bandit wearing the Exoskeleton suit and shooting an RP-74 completes the secondary task, but there may be more Bandits in the house.

The Clear Sky squad leader who came to help you then invites you to join him on the north side of the house to talk. When you get near enough, the squad leader explains that they are trying to get to their buddies at the canal and suggests you join them. A few steps up the road is another ambush, this time by Monolith and the secondary mission: Destroy the enemy at the crossroads. Once this mission is completed, the squad moves up the road to a small courtyard littered with corpses. Your advance into the courtyard triggers another attack by Monolith and the Clear Sky squad leader tells you to move on while they fight off the attack. This earns you the Move towards the bridge via the canal secondary task.

Continue north from the courtyard and through a gate on the right into a playground area. There are some stairs at the northeast corner of the playground that lead up and into a house that you have to navigate through. When you get to the center of the house the Move towards the bridge via the canal is complete and a new secondary task displays: Find the group commander. The Clear Sky squad leader is standing by some boxes at the southeast corner of the bridge. When you get near enough, the secondary mission is complete and the squad leader starts telling about another machine gun nest that you need to take care of. This one is manned by Spetsnaz on the second story of the Bridge outpost. The secondary task displays: Supress (sic) The Machine Gun Nest.

The canal contains radiated water, but you can still cross through with little exposure. There are several trees and other forms of cover on the north side of the canal. Just be aware of the Spetsnaz soldiers that roam back and forth in front of the building, as well as those who go in and out of the side doorways. Once the machine gunner is down, thus completing the Supress The Machine Gun Nest secondary task, you still have to clear the building before the Clear Sky guys move in.

To exit the house and continue north, starting at the bottom of the wooden ramp that runs between floors, go south but not through the doorway into the front room. Turn left and go out the door and around to the back of the house. From the back of the house, go northwest up the hill and follow the drive that runs in front of the apartment buildings until you get to the last two (before the canal). Go in between the buildings to the next street and the Space Bubble maze. To get through the maze, cross the street between the first and second bubble, up the stairs, down the ramp and back across the street, then jump on the box and shelf stand next to the bus and low-crouch through the bus window.

Continue north until you reach a long set of stairs and get a new secondary task: Find a way through the construction site. If you look at your PDA map you'll see a Clear Sky squad waiting for you on the north side of the site. Keep this in mind as you fight with Monolith because they are included in the count on your minimap. See Construction Site for a walkthrough. When you meet up with the Clear Sky squad, the Find a way through the construction site secondary task is complete.

Follow the squad down the hill and take cover behind one of the bus stop shelters. A sniper opens up on the squad and a new secondary task displays: Help the fighter sneak up on the sniper, which gets canceled when they discover an electrified fence keeping them away from the tower the sniper is firing from. A new primary task displays: Return to the group commander.

Mission: Return to the group commanderEdit

When you get close enough to him, the task is complete and the squad leader tells you about the fence, along with his plan to distract the sniper while you go through the Institute building and turn off the power to the fence. When he finishes talking, a new primary task displays: Find generator.

Mission: Find generatorEdit

Go up the stairs of the building east of the bus stop and into the building to complete the task. A new task displays: Deactivate the generator.

Mission: Deactivate the generatorEdit

Continue through the building until you must make a left through the doorway, two rights and up the ladder on the right. Continue east through the attic window, then follow the roof west to the balcony and onto the northern section of the roof, using the vents as cover from the sniper. Oddly, there is an explosive tank on the east side of the window the sniper is using. Take the sniper out and continue north along the roof to the pipes, then use the pipes to get to the ledge. Fight your way to the ladder and go up, then north again to the switch. Throw the switch to complete the Deactivate the generator.

Once the remaining Monolith are down, the squad goes to the transition point. When you spawn at the north end of the Limansk Hospital the Scout the road through Limansk mission is complete and a new task displays: Find a way to Chernobyl NPP.


  • At this point in the game, some squad leaders have an Upgrade option in the dialog window instead of Trade and can repair your gear.
  • After completing the Destroy the machine gun nest secondary task, be sure to open the wooden box in the northwest room of the second floor to collect the Bulldog 6 and ammo.
  • During the Deactivate the generator mission, the contents of the metal boxes may fall through the floor.

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