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I gave Fang the component we found in the cache. He wouldn't stop swearing and said he wouldn't pay us until we found the other components. We

discussed it between ourselves and decided to send Vasya to speak to him. Vasya is one silver-tongued son of a gun; we figured he might be able to talk Fang

into paying us at least some of the money. I just hope he doesn't run into trouble on the way there...
- Dead Loner

Search the digger's body is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Attempt to complete the Get information about Fang from the diggers task to receive the Search the digger's body mission.


The diggers are dead, so Scar needs to see if there is any information on one of the corpses that might lead him to Fang.

Mission: Search the digger's bodyEdit

Search the corpse indicated with a red target on the minimap. When you do, you hear a recording of the digger telling of their encounter with Fang and that one of them, Vasyan, went after Fang. When the recording ends the Search the digger's body mission is complete and a new task displays: Get information from the digger messenger.

Mission: Get information from the digger messengerEdit

Just to the east of the garbage pile is Vasyan fighting off some Blind dogs. As you approach he tells you there's more coming and to climb on a rock. A new task displays, Kill the blind dogs.

Mission: Kill the blind dogsEdit

The dogs come in from the west and are fairly easy to dispatch if you take Vasyan's advice about getting up on a rock. When the last dog goes down, the Kill the blind dogs task is complete and Vasyan thanks you. He then goes on to tell you the stalker he's after is probably in the Dark Valley. The Get information from the digger messenger mission is complete and a new task displays: Follow Fang to the Dark Valley.


  • If Vasyan happens to get killed by the dogs, just search his body to get a recording with the same information on Fang.

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