Secret stash in Pripyat

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Decoder for secret door in the Sarcophagus

[Source]'ll know what to do.
- Doctor

Secret stash in Pripyat is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to Doctor task to receive the Secret stash in Pripyat mission.


This mission, or task, is one of several that overlap near the end of the game. The scenario is, you've turned off the Brain Scorcher and you're on your way to the Wish Granter when you meet up with a group of Loners that help you get through the first part of Pripyat. Your instructions from Doctor are to get to the hotel, which is just north of the car park where you leave the Loners and go out on your own. Hidden in the hotel is a decoder for a secret door in the Sarcophagus.

Mission: Get to the hotelEdit

You acquire the mission when you re-visit Strelok's hideout in the Agroprom Underground and complete the Talk to Doctor mission. However, you can't really pursue this mission until you turn off the Brain Scorcher. As you emerge from the bunker in the Red Forest, Barkeep suggests you meet some veterans in Pripyat who help you get to an underground car park near the center of the town, and just south of the Hotel. But there are Monolith snipers with Gauss rifles on the tops of the hotel and surrounding buildings, as well as a few in and around the hotel. Sprinting for it is one option. Another option is to stay behind cover and work your way inside the hotel. When you reach the front of the building, this mission is complete.

Mission: Find The room with the secret stashEdit

The task information in your PDA indicates room N26 and the target on your minimap is distorted, suggesting the room is on another level. Once you find the right floor, use the minimap to find the room. When you open the door and step into the room, this mission is complete.

Mission: Look the secret stash overEdit

Among the items in the room is the Decoder. When you pick it up, the Secret stash in Pripyat mission is complete and a new task shows on your PDA: Secret lab.


  • Room 26 is the only room with the number on the door.
  • If you happen to pick up a Gauss rifle from a fallen sniper, save your game. If you get killed and have to re-spawn, there's a good chance the rifle will not be there again.

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