Secret stash of Smoked
Secret stash of smoked

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type



Lab X-18 Level 2, not far from Pseudogiant's lair.

Coordinates given by

Veteran Duty victim in Dark Valley.


Smoked put everything into a safe in the underground laboratory. Not a bad place - nobody has the keys to the lab. Only problem is, there are rocks that start flying all over the place allof a sudden. They say someone got killed like that.
- ''PDA message''


  • Usually there is only one source for the info in the Dark Valley.
  • If Bullet dies, he may also provide the info too (see Free the Dutyer for other consequences)
  • Misleadingly, the land co-ords show up in East Red Forest.
  • I managed to doggedly get past the snorks upstairs first time for this stash, which is most definitely NOT my usual result with them; ran past all but one of the Poltergeists and checked the safe.
  • Stash contents seem to be stable.


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