Shelter in the cellar
Shelter in the cellar

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type



Upstairs annex to Fox's camp near Northern farm

Coordinates given by



I stuck the backpack in the cellar. I'll be back later - can't get to it right now.
- ''PDA message''

Shelter in the cellar is a stash located in the Cordon in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are gained by looting a corpse. The location of the stash is the house north of the ruins where you meet Fox. The challenge to this stash, aside from the fact that it's not in the cellar, is that you can't get to it directly.


Inside the house, go up the ladder and turn right to face the southwest corner of the attic. You need to crouch walk through that hole and onto the roof. Make your way to the southeast corner of the roof where you can drop down onto a supply tin (which usually dumps on the floor below). The backpack is in the northwest corner of the room.


  • Traditional Ukrainian 'upstairs cellar' feature.
  • Accessed by roof walk.
  • Some packing crates, but usually empty.
  • Supply tin in same room as stash.



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