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Skinner Anomaly
In-game code


Shadow of Chernobyl
Impact SOC Protect Icon Imp


Rupture SOC Protect Icon Rupt


Explosion SOC Protect Icon Expl


Firearms SOC Protect Icon Bull


Burn SOC Protect Icon Fire


Chem. Burn SOC Protect Icon Chem


Electric Shock SOC Protect Icon Elec


Radiation SOC Protect Icon Rad


Night Vision



3 kg.

They took this coat off of the body of one of the stalkers who died in the anomaly "fruit punch". Having laid a long time in the anomaly, the coat obtained the ability to speed up metabolism.
- In-game description

The Skinner Anomaly is a unique variant of the Leather Jacket featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

A special leather jacket found in a stash located near the exit of a tunnel filled with Electro anomalies. It has been said that this leather jacket spent some time in a Fruit Punch anomaly, and now has the ability to speed up the metabolism.

Bonuses provided are 600% health regeneration rate, -200% bleeding, higher endurance recovery rate, and decreased time needed for the player to be hungry[1]. This makes the suit a very effective replacement for the regular Leather jacket until the player finds a better outfit.

Acquisition Edit

  • Stash in Cordon between the railway and the farmhouse.


  1. health_restore_speed = 0.0006
    satiety_restore_speed = 0.001
    bleeding_restore_speed = -0.006
    power_restore_speed = 0.003

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