(Smuggler's corpse)
Clear Sky



SCS Loners Loners

The diggers are meeting up with some asshole, north of the garbage. Make sure that neither the diggers nor the asshole makes it out of there alive
- Yoga

The smuggler (Kontrabandist / Контрабандист) (Yoga refers to him as "the asshole") is a term for an unnamed loner arms-dealer in the Garbage who was supposed to supply the diggers with better weapons for combat against the tyrannical bandits. The smuggler only appears when the player chooses to accept the job from Yoga which involves "killing" a digger/mole named Stringov. He is in the second part of Yoga's job and he is surrounded by 5 other loners who will not hesitate to fire upon the player on sight. Though they aren't really much of a threat since all of them are only armed with 9mm caliber handguns.

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