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Snake (Zmey / Змей) is a character who appeared only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Snake is part of a Loner team, led by Topol (Poplar). The team's name becomes Iskra Scientific Research and Investigation Team. The team carries out jobs for the Ecologists. The player can escort the team during several quests, as Black and his team curiously refuse to do so.

At first, Poplar and his team are only equipped with Stalker Suits and decent weaponry. After finishing the Ecologist quests, Poplar and his team will become part of the Ecologist faction itself, as a result getting better equipment. Snake equips a SEVA Suit and an ZM LR-300.


  • Before Snake has new equipment, the player can still engage in conversation with him and can still trade with him. He has 5000 RU in his inventory so he would make a decent place to sell your ammo and grenades
  • After Snake has new equipment, the player cannot engage in any conversation with Snake except during an emission inside the lab.

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