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Southern farm

Dark Valley

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The Southern farm is one major location in the Dark Valley in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The farm is walled in on all sides with only an iron gate on the east side for an entrance. However, the northern wall has collapsed in several areas to allow entrance from the north, too.


The only road in the Dark Valley runs along the east side of the farm. There are two identical buildings which face each other running north and south. Between the buildings is a tractor, a bunch of junk, and to the south is a large tank referred to as a cistern in the description of Pipe under the cistern. There is also a small pump house at the foot of the water tower in the northern part of the farm.


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

There's a group of Loners sitting by the fire or just walking around. One of them stands at the north doorway of the west building and offers to sell you a Gauss rifle.

Clear SkyEdit

When you first enter the Dark Valley, the farm is deserted and supposedly under Freedom control with a squad guarding the Southern checkpoint. As the story line progresses, the farm is taken over by Mercenaries and you help Freedom take it back.


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

In a building further up the road from the Pig farm there is a injured man in a building with two dead bandits if you give the injured man a med kit he will become your friend and say to you that a man at the farm is selling the Gauss rifle for 800. If you go to the farm and pay the man in front for the Gauss Rifle he will go into the back of the farm and stay there and also congratulations you wasted 800 on something that's not even there because if you kill the people there, there is still no Gauss rifle and you won't get you money back and you wasted a med pack because the man you gave it to will try to kill you.

Clear SkyEdit

Since the farm is near the Southern checkpoint and the road to the Cordon, the Mercenaries attempt to set up a camp. The Freedom squad from the checkpoint are none too comfortable with that idea and, with your help, end the occupancy. While policing the camp, Freedom discovers the body of their betrayer, Lingov.


  • Clear Sky Loot: The pump house has a metal box just inside the door on the left. Walk south to the building on the west to find a stack of wooden boxes on the outside wall. Further south along the wall is a crate. The eastern building has a wooden box and metal box inside, as well as a safe you can use as a stash.


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