Space Anomaly
Spaceanomaly nightvision
A space anomaly in Limansk.

Time and space warp/Activated by contact

Clear Sky


Call of Pripyat


Attention. We are stuck in an anomaly....can't get's like space is warped......which ever way we go...can't has gone off the rails....can see the outline of a town on the horizon...our coordinates...51...10..3..1..2....Is anybody out there...?
- Leshiy
...find a way out, help! We're running low on...
- General Tachenko

The Space Anomaly, also known as Space Bubble, is an anomaly that appeared in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. It did not appear in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - the massive emission that ended Clear Sky may have temporarily defused them.

Characteristics Edit

It is truly the ultimate result of the Zone's instability as now it alters the very fabric of reality and distorts time and space, seemingly creating miniature Wormholes, which 'teleport' the player and anything thrown into it to another spot.

This theory of teleportation seems to be proven upon talking to a STALKER at the Cordon by the rail bridge. Asking him about the 'black hole' will direct you to the Space Anomaly there, along with his details about it. Apparently he and his friends have been throwing trash into it, and he recalls seeing the trash in an old tunnel, meaning Space Anomaly teleports anything thrown into it.

The fact stalkers can get 'trapped' is a testament to the Zones instability, giving this anomaly some kind of will of its own.

Additionally, while it does not randomly spawn artifacts like most anomalies, Forester claims that he found a Compass artifact while trapped inside a Space Anomaly, hinting that those rare artifacts may only spawn from inside the time loop of the anomaly. This is further implied by the fact that Noah in Call of Pripyat who uses the Space Anomaly at the burnt farmstead in Zaton to travel to the southern plateau posses two of them despite of their rarity.

Appearances Edit

Clear Sky Edit

After a subsequent number of emissions, certain space anomalies were spotted: one at the Cordon atop the embankment; one in Red Forest atop a derelict T-64 tank; another in Yantar and numerous clusters in Limansk. This anomaly does no damage, but comes in two different flavors, each with their own effects, either acting as a portal to another location or creating a loop in reality that traps anyone unlucky enough to be inside it. In the latter case, the space anomaly forms a bubble of sorts; persons inside it occupy the affected area, but within a separate dimension. When they reach the boundary of that area, they are instantly returned to their starting point. There is only one point of exit, and its location is not readily apparent; thus characters can be trapped for eternity unless they happen to find the exit by chance.

Forester, a long-time inhabitant of the Zone said that he was once trapped inside a space anomaly, but claimed the Zone itself gave him an artifact known as a Compass, allowing him to navigate his way out of the anomaly. In the Army Warehouses, a number of people were trapped in space anomalies, and their frantic radio transmissions can still be heard by the Freedom faction and the player as he travels through the Army Warehouses; some are futile cries for help from doomed stalkers and military soldiers trapped in the anomalies, some apparently automated distress signals with the fate of the ones transmitting them unknown and some simply static with very weird and frightening noises.

The Space Anomaly at the Cordon atop the railbridge seems to have greatly displaced the rails, as they're badly bent out of shape facing the anomaly. This suggests the Anomaly itself must have quite a powerful gravitational field in the start of its lifespan. The anomaly at the Cordon, when jumped into leads to a bridge outlet near a collapsed tunnel at the end of the train tracks due East. The tunnel itself is collapsed with only a few meters useable, filled with various loot, ammunition and breakables, along with a hollowed pipe which is the location of a possible stash. Upon leaving, it appears as though the player is 'trapped' in that spot as after a few attempts at leaving, the player will return to the tunnel. The anomaly 'lets go' of the player after a few tries and the anomaly ends. Re-entering the tunnel there can only be done via the anomaly.

The Anomaly atop the T-64 tank is part of the main questline, which leads directly to where the Foresters base is. Its quite simple to get to by simply jumping on the tank and moving into it. What makes this area dangerous is the number of mutants, various other anomalies and high radiation levels in the vicinity.

The Space Anomalies in Limansk all lead to exactly the same spot, just near the river by the front end of a bus cabin on the roadway (one of the Space Anomalys can be seen at the bus where it has removed and repositioned the cabin piece) The tight grouping of this cluster of Space Anomalys can be irritating because passing through the field itself yields some high grade ammunition for various rare weapons. This is the location of the largest number (more than 10 in total) Space anomalies in the game.

Call of Pripyat Edit

Space anomalies make a reappearance in the Call of Pripyat, though only twice. The first place it can be encountered is nearby Burnt Farmstead on the verge of a cliff, during Getting to the Plateau mission when Noah presents the only route to the Plateau where Stingray 3 crashed. The way to this anomaly is very dangerous as it leads through many Burner anomalies, so great caution is advised. This Space anomaly can be used multiple times and acts in a manner similar to 'teleport', also it is harmless.

Space Anomaly

Space anomaly on Cooling Tower destabilized by Svarog detector.

The other such anomaly is located in the Cooling Tower area in Yanov area. When approached, one can hear a transmission, however nothing unusual is visible. This particular anomaly would show itself and can be destabilized only by taking out the Svarog detector, which somehow interferes with it. To see the anomaly one can just stand in a distance with Svarog detector taken out. Although destabilizing it requires the player to get much closer. After that the anomaly sparks harmlessly for a moment and drops General Tachenko's and his men bodies as well as their weapons and a Medkit. After that it vanishes. If searched, all the bodies have nothing on them. Only on General Tachenko's body an item can be found - General Tachenko's PDA.

It should be noted that a 'riddle' one needs to solve to get to the Oasis also acts in a manner similar to a Space Anomaly. It is not known if such a riddle is actually a Space Bubble while being trapped inside or if it is just a one-time puzzle without a connection to any known anomaly.

Known victims of Space anomalies Edit

Clear Sky Edit

  • Navel – trapped and killed inside a Space Anomaly in the Cordon by dehydration.
  • Leshiy's mercenary team – trapped inside a Space Anomaly after an emission; rescued thanks to Scar's intervention.
  • Forester – trapped inside a Space Anomaly, but managed to navigate his way out using a Compass artifact that he found inside the anomaly.
  • Other victims were trapped within Space Anomalies in the Army Warehouses area; their frantic and sometimes frightening messages are sometimes heard when traveling through the area.

Call of Pripyat Edit

  • General Tachenko and his personal escort – trapped inside a Space Anomaly; out of the 5 soldiers, Major Chepurny seemingly found his way into another space anomaly only to die there later on, two of Tachenko's lieutenants were killed by Colonel Kosmach after going insane 6 days later into the ordeal, and he committed suicide shortly after that. Tachenko, the last one left, recorded his last monologue onto his PDA and committed suicide afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • The coordinates that Leshiy gave in his transmission for help are not complete, as they only cover the latitude, and no longitude is specified. Depending on how one feeds the coordinates into a coordinate reader, it gives 3 different locations. One is in London (United Kingdom,) one in Derkul (Kazakhstan,) and one close to Sheffield Park (United Kingdom.) The first 2 do not match the description, as Leshiy says he sees "the outline of a town on the horizon" but both of the former locations are already in a town or city. The latter is on a road with houses and a train yard to the south, making it the most likely location that Leshiy's group was teleported to by the anomaly.
  • It's also possible that the location is merely random numbers, and were not meant to add up to a real life location.


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