Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

When the player's character takes a certain type of damage, it's reduced (or increased) by X% depending on his resistance for that damage type:

SOC Protect Icon Imp Impact – Reduces damage caused by fall damage and physical impacts. Also includes damage caused by the springboard anomaly.

SOC Protect Icon Rupt Rupture – Resistance to wounds opening and the severity of wounds. Bullet damage, impacts, anomalies and attacks from mutants included.

SOC Protect Icon Expl Explosion – Resistance to damage caused by grenades, launchers, and other types of explosions (i.e. barrels, gas bottles, grenades etc.)

SOC Protect Icon Bull Bulletproof cap – Resistance to damage caused by bullets.

SOC Protect Icon Fire Burn – Resistance to damage caused by Burner anomalies, fire barrels & camp fires.

SOC Protect Icon Chem Chemical Burn – Resistance to damage caused by Fruit Punch anomalies.

SOC Protect Icon Elec Electric shock – Resistance to damage caused by Electro anomalies.

SOC Protect Icon Rad Radiation – Resistance to damage caused by irradiated areas and the amount of radiation given off certain items and artifacts.

SOC Protect Icon Heal Health – Increases/decreases your health regeneration.

SOC Protect Icon Endu Endurance – Increases the rate at which your stamina recovers.

SOC Protect Icon Blee Bleeding – Once a skin rupture is received, increases/decreases the amount of bloodletting caused by said rupture. Body repair (health improvement) only commences when this value decreases to zero.

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