Supplies of the leader of Freedom
Supplies of the leader of freedom

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type



Pripyat supermarket

Coordinates given by

Veteran and Expert Freedomers, Dutyers and Bandits.

The last that they knew about him is that he was the sole survivor after the scorcher. He left all the supplies in some old supermarket, and moved on out. Everything went not as it was planned, and that was the best leader of Freedom in all of our history.
- ''PDA message''


  • The stash is approximately at ground level in the Pripyat supermarket building.
  • It is reached by ascending a flight of steps from the outside and descending a second flight within.
  • The area is radioactive but by this stage of the game the player should have adequate dress and warding measures.
  • Occasionally, the stash is empty.


  • The PDA message suggests that only Freedom corpses yield the co-ordinates, but they may also be provided by Duty and Bandit retirees.

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