Switchboard with a secret stash

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type





They say that there's something valuable hidden on the Duty's territory in the switchboard.
- PDA Description


The stash is in the big building right of the duty guards, the door is blocked, but you can access the building by the roof. Be careful if you are hunting this stash before Duty trusts you enough to let them into their HQ. Some of the abandoned warehouse is in their HQ, and they will open fire on you if you cross into it.


Climb the tower near the stash to the top and run jump to the roof of the building where the stash is located. Drop through the hole in the roof and walk to the front of the building (north). If Duty appears on your minimap as neutral, you will here a loudspeaker telling everyone to kill you. If you make it to the front of the building without the alarm, turn left and retrieve the loot. To leave, there's an iron gate that is blocked by a large box. However, you can move the box by walking into it. Keep bumping into the box until you can open the gate and exit the building.


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