TRs 301
(Z-M LR-300-ML)
General Characteristics
In-game code



Assault rifle

Feeding and cartridge

2.7 kg (empty)

Shadow of Chernobyl
  • Accuracy: 82
  • Handling: 80
  • Damage: 49
  • Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
  • Value: 5000 Ru
Clear Sky
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Handling: Good
  • Damage: 35%
  • Rate of Fire: 700 RPM
Call of Pripyat
  • Accuracy: 75
  • Handling: 80
  • Damage: 30
  • Rate of Fire: 685 RPM
A new step in the development of this famous weapon family. The changes were made to the upper half of the steel construction comprising the barrel, gas tube and bolt assembly, reducing the weapon's weight, improving ergonomics and its gas system. The weapon is highly accurate, although its propensity to catch dirt makes it a poor choice for the Zone's difficult conditions.
- Call of Pripyat in-game description

The TRs 301 is a 5.56mm assault rifle appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

The TRs 301 is one of the first 5.56 weapons the player will come across, easily found within the Wild Territory, as it is used by most Mercenaries in the area. It suffers from mediocre reliability, but has terrific accuracy, reasonable stopping power, and is very light weight. It can also mount all the attachments found in game, making it fairly versatile. However, because there is no repair system in Shadow of Chernobyl, it is advised that full-auto firing is limited as this degrades the weapon's durability quite rapidly.

It is a decent weapon to use in the early parts of the game due to its good overall stats, but the low reliability often forces the player to switch to another one (or simply another weapon). It is effective to use the TRs 301 instead of the IL 86, though a player might prefer to switch to a better SGI-5k or a GP37, both found in the Army Warehouses, as soon as they can.

Notable deployments Edit

In Shadow of Chernobyl, the weapon is the primary weapon of most experienced Freedom members, Veteran Loners and Monolith members. It is also widely used by the Mercenaries.

Notable users Edit

Acquisition Edit

  • Sold by Skinflint by default.
  • Can be bought sometimes at the Bar after doing the first lab mission. The further the player goes in the game, the higher the chance they can buy it at the bar, although it will become rarer at further parts of the game.
  • Quite easy to obtain one in top condition from zombies in Yantar (it seems that zombies drop weapons in ideal condition much more often than normal NPCs).
  • A few stashes hold it also (many in the Wild Territory).
  • Commonly carried by experienced Loners, Monolith and Freedom members.

Unique variants Edit

  • Sniper TRs-301 – A unique version made by the Mercenaries, sporting an integrated silencer, and strangely, a custom x1 SUSAT scope, at the cost of significantly reduced firing rate. The sniper variant also does suffer from the 20% stat penalty caused by a mounted silencer and is noticeably more durable than the stock model.

Clear Sky Edit

The weapon can mount a SUSAT scope and silencer without any upgrades, however a modification is needed for it to mount an under-barrel M203 grenade launcher. It's inexpensive to maintain, and uses the same upgrades as most 5.56mm class assault rifles. It tends to jam more than most rifles, but is still a good deal more reliable than the IL 86. Firing the weapon in 3 shot bursts or in single shot will reduce the rate it is damaged firing compared to it being fired on full-auto all the time. Overall, due to poor reliability it loses with Eastern weaponry available at the moment when the player will first encounter the TRs 301.

Notable deployments Edit

In Clear Sky, this weapon is often employed by Freedom members, experienced loners, veteran loners, and is in abundant use by the mercenaries.

Acquisition Edit

It is sold by Freedom's trader and occasionally Loners and Bandits traders, though it's so widespread that one may be easily salvaged.

Call of Pripyat Edit

Trs-301 upgraded all

Fully upgraded

Its rate of fire is higher than most other rifles, the accuracy is better than the IL 86, and the handling is on par with the Viper 5. It also weighs less than most other assault rifles, and it is one of the two assault rifles that can accept a scope, silencer, and grenade launcher by default (the other being Strelok's SGI-5k), making this weapon one of the most versatile weapons overall. However, due to Strelok's SGI being an unique weapon available in stashes, the TRs 301 is a great counterpart to use in the early game.

It can even out damage the SGI 5k due to its rate of fire, but it has some drawbacks – it has low durability without upgrades, which rapidly deteriorates its accuracy and recoil. In fact, out of all weapons in the game it is the most affected by wear, and it has the lowest durability of any assault rifle.

Keeping it in top condition is a must as once its durability is reduced by 1/4, it will start to jam very frequently and often in the most inconvenient of times such as during a heated firefight. Durability damage rate can be lessened by firing the weapon in single shots or in bursts of 3.

Overall, the TRs' reliability is still better than in Clear Sky and not much worse than other weapons and thanks to many advantages of using this weapon, it may serve as the player's main weapon, until they manage to get a higher-end weapon.

The TRs 301 has a large amount of upgrades. The mag capacity can be upgraded to 40 rounds, and the weapon has a fair amount of fire rate, accuracy, flatness and reliability upgrades, making the weapon more powerful, easier to use and more useful at long range.

Notable deployments Edit

The TRs-301 is used almost exclusively by experienced Loners, Monolith and Mercenaries operating throughout the Zone, making it fairly easy to obtain one early on. Some Freedom members, mostly Experienced, make use of the TRs alongside the IL 86. It is commonly carried with an attached scope and/or silencer.

Notable users Edit

Acquisition Edit

  • Zaton - at the very north of swamps (north of the lake), hidden in some bushes, along with 120 5.56x45mm SS109 bullets and 4 M209 grenades. Coordinates given by Gonta if the player directly reports Flint to him.
  • Zaton - under one of the houses in the Izumrudnoye village, along with 120 5.56x45 SS109 bullets and a bandage. Coordinates given by Spartacus if the player sides with the Loners in The Hit.
  • Jupiter - under a red metal transport crate in a tunnel where one has to retrieve the Altered Insulator, along with 240 5.56x45 bullets. The player must take care as there is a Tesla anomaly roaming about there with many Electro anomalies assisting to it. Retrieving the rifle itself is difficult as it is beneath the container, forcing the player to crouch to recover it, while paying attention to the roaming Tesla.
  • Jupiter - under a tree on the right side to enter to the said tunnel, along with 180 5.56x45 bullets, Martha with 100 9x19mm FMJ bullets, few medkits and bandages (coordinates given by Trapper after completing Hunting: Unidentified Mutants).
  • Jupiter - under a damaged molo, north-west to the Plavni Anomaly, along with 240 5.56x45 bullets and a medkit (coordinates given by Trapper after completing Hunting: Kill the Swamp Bloodsuckers).
  • Jupiter - behind the armory of the Volkhov AA Complex, along with 120 5.56x45 bullets and two RGD-5 grenades.
  • Mercenaries - Ridge, Hook, Sledgehammer and Slasher are using it.
  • Carried by various randomly spawned NPCs.

Trivia Edit

  • In-game the weapon ejects casings through a closed dust cover, which is nonsense, as all AR-15 offspring feature a spring-loaded dust cover, which will slam open when the bolt is locked, and stay open until manually closed. Note that not all AR-15's have a dust cover or a forward assist, this simply depends on the version or manufacturer.
  • Additionally, the dust cover locks open once the charging handle is pulled, and must be manually closed after firing. However, the rifle's dust cover in-game closes automatically after cocking.
  • In early builds, the TRs' forward assist had a complete pull animation when it was reloaded. In all official games however, it's always static.
  • In all three games, the TRs 301 has misaligned iron sights (the gun would shoot higher than where the sights are). The rear sight is in fact not used, and it is worth noting that the rear sight itself is opaque, rendering it unusable.

Development Edit

Originally the LR-300SFR (Special Forces Rifle) variant was available. (The LR-300 SFR had a 14.5 inch barrel and a full-auto mode like the M4A1). It was supposed to accept the PSO-1 scope, GP-25 Kostyer grenade launcher, and silencer attachments.

Gallery Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Clear Sky Edit

Call of Pripyat Edit

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