Take equipment from the trader

In-game PDA map location

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by



Clear Sky base


Main mission continuation


Get over to the trader and he'll fit you out with some basic equipment. After that, head straight to the outpost. Once you're outside the base listen to my advice - I'll try to guide you along.

Take equipment from the trader is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to Lebedev task to receive the Take equipment from the trader mission.


Lebedev sends Scar to an outpost that's under attack. But first, Scar needs some supplies to take with him.

Mission Edit

While talking to Lebedev about Clear Sky and his trouble with Bandits, a call for help comes in from an outpost. Lebedev sends you to the trader to get some basic equipment and then on to the outpost. V. I. "Docent" Suslov has set up shop in the Clear Sky base, south of Lebedev's headquarters. As you initiate the conversation, the Trader cuts you off, the Take equipment from the trader mission is complete and a new task displays: Head to the outpost with the guide.


  • Another task, Help the outpost, displays at the same time as Take equipment from the trader. However, you must ignore this task for now as the target does not show on your PDA map. Also, you can't leave the base without a guide and they won't lead you to the outpost until you complete the Take equipment from the trader task.

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