Talk to Doctor

"Have you lost your memory or something?"

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by



No target


Main mission continuation

Time limit

No limit


I will be waiting for a man who comes from Strelok to the hiding place used by Strelok and his men. If he's our man, he'll know the place.
- Doctor

Talk to Doctor is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Meet with Guide task to receive the Talk to Doctor mission.


Ghost's PDA mentions a need to get important information to the Doctor. But you have to talk to Guide in order to get the mission and location. Back to the Agroprom Underground.

Mission: Talk to DoctorEdit

Your PDA only shows the Agroprom Factory for a target, but the actual goal is to return to the Agroprom Underground. There, you'll probably have to deal with more Bandits and a couple of Bloodsuckers in the usual spots. However, the Military has moved out and you can go straight to the hideout. Your HUD will ping to let you know there is one person in the area, which is Doctor.

As you climb the ladder to the hideout, you trigger an explosion. Why you didn't set it off the first time you were here is just another mystery of the Zone. The Talk to Doctor task is complete and a cut scene starts with the Doctor telling you something interesting about Strelok. But the information causes more confusion than clarity. Doctor goes on about the Monolith and Sarcophagus. Finally, he tells you about a stash in Pripyat with some information about another secret lab and how to access it.

After the cut scene, a new task shows on your PDA: Secret stash in Pripyat. To exit the Agroprom Underground, you can either go back the way you came and exit by the factory, or, continue through the underground and exit inside the Agroprom Research Institute.


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