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Well, if anyone can help us get to Limansk, it's Forester. They say that old timer can find safe roads through areas he's never been in.
- ''PDA message''

Talk to Forester is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find the space anomaly task to receive the Talk to Forester mission.


Scar just jumped off a tank and into a Space anomaly. Now he's on the north edge of the Red Forest in hopes the old man can help him find and stop Strelok.

Mission: Talk to ForesterEdit

The mission starts at the south end of the Mining Complex with Forester's place at the north end. Stay on the pavement to avoid some radiation as you make your way to talk to the old man. "Who are you?" starts the conversation with Forester telling the usual, "I've lived here all my life..." story. He then tells of stalkers getting to the other side of the bridge, but he doesn't know how. He's heard some communications from a group that's stuck in a Space anomaly, but the signal is too weak to get any useful information. Forester then sends you to the Army Warehouses to see if you can get better reception and more information from the trapped stalkers. The Talk to Forester mission is complete and a new task displays: Talk to the outpost commander.

Mission: Talk to the outpost commanderEdit

From Forester's place, follow the road west, and then north to the transition point. As you enter the Army Warehouses you are met by Raven and his Freedom team. Talk to Raven and learn about missing stalkers and strange radio communications. He also mentions a group that have been looking for their fellow stalkers, which you must talk with next. The Talk to the outpost commander mission is complete and a new task displays: Meet the mercenaries in the village.

Mission: Meet the mercenaries in the villageEdit

Following your conversation with Raven, continue east through the checkpoint and turn south to follow the road into the Bloodsucker village. There, you meet Hog, who tells you about his squad getting trapped in a Space anomaly and his efforts to free them, only to encounter a Bloodsucker that is keeping him from using the water tower for better radio reception. The Meet the mercenaries in the village mission is complete and a new task displays: Receive the transmission, along with a secondary mission to Kill the bloodsucker.

Mission: Receive the transmissionEdit

The water tower is northeast of Hog's location and, generally, the Bloodsucker is either at the base of the tower or nearby. Once you dispatch the Mutant, climb the ladder inside the tower. When you reach the top, you start to pick up the radio transmission from the missing stalkers, who give you their coordinates. When the broadcast is done, the Receive the transmission mission is complete and the Talk to Forester task displays again.

Mission: Talk to Forester, part 2Edit

Now it's back to the old man at the Mining Complex. Descending the ladder, however, causes a pack of Blind dogs and Pseudodogs to attack. One strategy is to climb back up the ladder once you reach the bottom and jump sideways to one of the lower ledges so you can take them out from a safe distance. With the Mutants out of the way, continue on back to the northwest transition point for the Red Forest (see Notes).

In your conversation with Forester, you relay the information about the lost Mercenaries and their coordinates. When Forester claims the information confirms his theory on Space anomalies, the Talk to Forester mission is complete. Forester goes on to tell of a similar experience he had and how he managed to escape. When he tells how he lost the Compass artifact a new task displays: Find the Compass artifact.


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