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Cold, leave the merc alone with your dirty jokes. I need to see him.
- Lebedev

Talk to Lebedev is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to the barman task to receive the Talk to Lebedev mission.


Lebedev needs Scar's help with some Bandits that have moved into the Great Swamp.

Mission Edit

You're conversation with Cold in the bar is interrupted by Lebedev who needs to see you right away. You'll find Lebedev on the first floor of the building where you started the game, i.e., Clear Sky Headquarters. Lebedev explains Renegades have moved into the Great Swamp since the last emission and are making life difficult he and his group of researchers. He ask you to lend your experience as a fighter when a call for help comes in from an outpost. Lebedev sends you to the trader for equipment, the Talk to Lebedev mission is complete and a new task displays: Take equipment from the trader.

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