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I'm on my way to Sakharov to pick up a device that will help us get through the Scorcher in one piece. Wait for me at the Military Warehouses.
- Strelok

Talk to Sakharov is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Leave the underground task to receive the Talk to Sakharov mission.


Finding the stalker group's stash has given Scar some clues as to where to go next. With Lebedev's guidance, Scar is now on his way to find Sakharov and, hopefully, stop Strelok and his group from triggering another large emission.

Mission: Talk to SakharovEdit

As you emerge from the Agroprom Underground, Yantar is behind you to the north. There are two transition points that both go to Yantar (don't forget to pick up your 1000 RUs from Krylov for flooding the underground). If you go through the Agroprom swamp, you'll get an overlapping task: Help the stalkers. There's a squad of stalkers going north through the swamp and they first encounter a Bloodsucker, then take on the Zombified Stalkers on the island. If you help them, one of them gives you a Sunrise suit.

In Yantar the Mobile lab is constantly coming under attack by Zombified Stalkers. When it does, you get an overlapping task: Defend the camp: Scientist's camp. During the attack, you cannot enter the Mobile lab until the last attacking Zombie is taken out. Go into the lab and talk to Sakharov to complete the Talk to Sakharov mission. He tells you about his agreement with Strelok to test a prototype psy-emission blocker, that he hasn't heard from Strelok since and believes him to be in the factory.

Mission: Find PDA with documentsEdit

Sakharov offers to help you get inside the factory, but you must find some documents discovered by a group of stalkers who contacted Sakharov, but also went missing. When you agree, Sakharov gives you the group's last location and a new task displays: Find PDA with documents. The location is northwest of the Mobile lab and the mission requires a Chaser 13 or SPSA-14 shotgun, with a Detector optional. If you can avoid the Zombified Stalkers, the only danger you encounter are some Blind dogs and a Psy dog. One strategy is to sprint up to the Psy dog and blast it with a shotgun before it clones itself. Another strategy is to kill the dogs from the hill to the west with a sniper rifle or an assault rifle that has been upgraded for accuracy. Do not waste amunition on the psy dog apparitions as they will spawn indefinitely. If you're after some loot from the bodies here, it's best to start from the anomaly (which usually has an artifact) and work your way east toward the target on your minimap. As you near the building, the psy emission intensifies. When you take the PDA from the dead stalker, the Find PDA with documents mission is complete and a new task displays: Take the documents to Sakharov.

Mission: Take the documents to SakharovEdit

The PDA contains a recording of one of the stalkers freaking out while Zombified Stalkers start coming at you from the north. You can out run them if you sprint back toward the Mobile lab, even if you can only sprint a short distance because of your load. Once you get past the southwest corner of the building you're safe from them as long as you keep moving.

Hopefully, the lab is not under attack again and you can get in to see Sakharov. Talk to him and he explains how the psy emissions can be controlled by repairing the cooling system for the factory. It just so happens that there is a group of stalkers available to help you with that task. Sakharov calls them to let them know you're coming to join them, which completes the Take the documents to Sakharov mission and a new task displays: Meet Lefty's group.


  • Sakharov is the last trader you will encounter and he doesn't buy guns.

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