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You got away from the army? You lucky devil! I've got a feeling there's a reason for you being here. Pop in to see me if you're in the area.
- Sidorovich

Talk to Sidorovich is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Ask Lebedev what happened task to receive the Talk to Sidorovich mission.


Scar needs to find out what Sidorovich knows about a stalker looking for rare components. Naturally, Sidorovich needs a little help remembering.

Mission Edit

The mission starts where Go to the Cordon with the guide ends and you are transported to a tunnel at the southwest corner of the Cordon. Sidorovich warns you that you're in range of the Military's guns and they are hunting stalkers. You have to make a run for it, using whatever cover you can, until you're clear of the Tank machine gun.

Sidorovich congratulates you when you do get clear of the Military, and he invites you to stop in for a chat. When you ask him about the mysterious stalker, he claims he's having a hard time remembering. Since Sidorovich isn't use to giving anything away without something in return, he enlists your help in retrieving a case with some loot in order to help his memory. When you agree the Talk to Sidorovich mission is complete and a new task displays: Meet the stalkers beyond the embankment.

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