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Hello, merc! You became quite a legend while you were out of it - even you wouldn't believe some of the rumors I've heard... Hah! Anyways, here's a drink on the house for a lucky son of a gun! It should help you relax and tell me all about your adventures, 'cause I'm just dying of curiosity!
- Cold

Talk to the barman is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the initial dialog with Lebedev to receive the Talk to the barman mission.


This is the first mission of the game and is a simple matter of finding the bar and talking to Cold, who gives you an introduction to the Clear Sky base.

Mission Edit

The task comes up on its own at the start of the game when your first conversation ends with Lebedev blowing you off because he has more important things to do. So, with nothing better to do, you make your way down stairs to the bar, which is east of your starting location. Cold tells you of his role with Clear Sky and some of the other important characters on the base when the conversation is interrupted by Lebedev, who orders Cold to send you back to headquarters. The Talk to the barman mission is complete and a new task displays: Talk to Lebedev.


  • Cold is one of a few players that you can buy stash information from, which is the case whenever you see the talk option, "What can you offer me?" However, at this point in the game, you have very little money and Lebedev is waiting, so you may want to come back when you have time and more cash.

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