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Freedom base


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Stalker, you are on Freedom territory and that means no funny business. Come see me if you have any questions.
- Lingov

Talk to the commandant is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find Freedom's base task to receive the Talk to the commandant mission.


Scar manages to find the Freedom base and is greeted much like when he entered the Dark Valley. Since the commandant offered to answer his questions, that's where Scar is headed next.

Mission: Talk to the commandantEdit

Assuming you've approached the base from the west, the commandant's office is straight ahead. You have to detour around the ramp going into the hanger, but the office is easy enough to find. In talking to Lingov, you learn that someone who could be Fang met with the chief (Chekhov) a few days prior. Only, in the Zone you don't get something for nothing. So, you have to do a few jobs for the commandant before he will let you see the chief.

Mission: Kill the pseudo-dog: Scraggy encampmentEdit

The first task Lingov offers you is to take care of a Pseudodog that's been pestering the base. When you agree, the Talk to the commandant mission is complete and a new task displays: Kill the pseudo-dog: Scraggy encampment. The mutant is straight out the western gate of the base, although you may want to go around the irradiated water. A single shot gun blast is usually all it takes. The Kill the pseudo-dog: Scraggy encampment is complete and two new tasks display: Collect your reward, which you do at the bar (see Notes), and Get orders from the commandant.

Mission: Get orders from the commandantEdit

Back to Lingov's office for another job. This time he wants you to deliver some ammo to the far outpost and sends you to Ashot the trader for the supplies. The conversation ends, Get orders from the commandant is complete, and a new task displays: Get ammo from Ashot.


  • At this point in the game, it's better to keep your PDA account on the low side. There's a storage box in Yar's workshop and another one inside the hanger near the stairs where you can store your loot until after you find Fang's PDA.

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