Talk to the outpost commander - Agroprom

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Primary Mission

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Main mission continuation


Get information about the situation at Agroprom from the outpost commander
- ''PDA message''

Talk to the outpost commander - Agroprom is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

While attempting to complete the Find the stalker group's stash task, you receive the Talk to the outpost commander - Agroprom mission upon entering the Agroprom from the Garbage.


It looks like Scar is in for another detour on his way to find the stash marked in Fang's PDA. He gets stopped at a Duty check point and sent to their commander.

Mission: Edit

The commander is standing in the middle of the road and you can just walk up to him. As you approach, the Talk to the outpost commander - Agroprom mission is complete. The commander starts talking when you get close enough, and tells you your equipment isn't suited for the area. Then he instructs you to go with one of his squads to see their commander. When he finishes talking, a new task displays: Talk to the leader of Duty.

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