The Hit
SCOP Sultan Mugshot
Given by

SCS Bandits Sultan


SCS Loners Spartacus

All right, then listen up. We got a mind to shake down a few of Beard's stalkers. It's a real cinch. Late at night, you and our guys come up to Shevchenko, and before these tourists figure out what's going down, you take ‘em for a ride. We get the dough, you get the props... Catch my drift? Alrighty then. See Knuckles standing over there? He'll give you all the details.
- Sultan

The Hit is a mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is offered by the Bandits leader Sultan, who can be found in the Skadovsk. It is available from the start. Sultan asks the player to help them kill stalkers aboard the Shevchenko. The player has then multiple ways of completing the mission.


Bandits sideEdit

Simply speak to Knuckles who will lead the player outside the ship at 11PM, then attack the stalkers with them. Once all stalkers are killed, speak to Knuckles or the new squad leader in case Knuckles was killed during the raid to get the reward.

Loners sideEdit

Tell GrouseEdit

Before talking to Knuckles, speak with Grouse, informing him of the impending raid. Grouse devises a plan to ambush the raid then advises the player to talk to Knuckles. When the raid takes place; the Stalkers are prepared and waiting. The player can find Spartacus and talk to him. He tells the player that they will ambush the raid, and when the shots are fired to open up on them from the rear. Talk to Spartacus after the raid takes place to receive the reward.

Tell SpartacusEdit

Before talking to Knuckles inform Spartacus that his men are about to be raided by the bandits. Spartacus will ask the player to join the bandits in the raid and attack them from behind once the fighting begins. After the ambush, speak to Spartacus to get the reward.

Tip off Beard and...Edit

Tell Beard about the raid before speaking to Knuckles. He will ask the player to "help plan a surprise" for the bandits.

Help the StalkersEdit

If the player chose to help Beard, he will alert the stalkers that they are being attacked. The player then needs to speak to Knuckles to start the raid. Once the bandits reach the ship, they are ambushed by the prepared stalkers. The player then needs to assist the stalkers in taking down the bandits strike team. Once that done, speak to Spartacus or whoever was promoted to squad leader if he was killed, to get the reward.

Refuse to HelpEdit
The Hit - tell Beard - not help stalkers

Knuckles' dialog when he can't find any stalkers aboard the Shevchenko

If the player chose NOT to assist the stalkers, the bandits will search the interior of the Shevchenko and not find any stalkers on board. Surprised, Knuckles will know something is up and accuse the player of snitching to the stalkers, then ask them to "empty [their] pockets...". The player can then give money to Knuckles (who will take between 75% and 100% of the player's money) and they will leave them alone, or refuse and fight them. The mission will fail, and Sultan nor Beard will not mention this mission again.

Skipping the RaidEdit

It is also possible to accept the mission from Sultan and ignore it entirely. One of the side will win (most likely Knuckles and the bandits). If the stalker wins, Spartacus will continue on to the next mission; if the bandits win, Knuckles will continue on.


Bandits sideEdit

Stalkers sideEdit

If the player slightly helped the stalkers:

If the player helped the stalkers kill the bandits

  • Loot above
  • Bandage x4
  • Medkit x2
  • Anti-rad x2

Completing this mission unlocks the Transaction mission.

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