The pile

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type



The Agroprom Factory Complex

Coordinates given by

Rookie Military, Agroprom Research Institute


Ran away from the base, to hell with them! Dodged the stalkers' fire. Hid my stuff in a pile in a pipe. I'll hang out here until they leave, then I'll pick it up.
- PDA description

Walkthrough / StrategyEdit

  • During the "Rescue Mole" phase of the main mission, it really pays to do as much light-looting after the initial skirmish as possible.
  • With at least a dozen candidates for 'interrogation', dead Loners - and there are four resident ones - will be a goldmine for local information.
  • While the dead grunts are less knowledgeable, since there are at least half a dozen on the ground, the chances of one having co-ord info on The pile are high.
  • When you get around to the second shootout further inside the factory, you gain further advantages in that:
    • The Soldiers and Loners have already been doing/done your job for you.
    • There are more bodies to 'interrogate'..
    • You save ammo, not that that should be problematic.
  • You then 'meet' with Mole, finish your light-looting activities while he has his short soliloquy, then run off to The pile while he gets into position by the sewers.
  • The stash is located not far from the entrance to the Agroprom Underground, this area is heavily guarded by Pseudodogs later on. The pipe is hidden behind rubble at the back of the stairwell.
  • If you manage to visit the stash in the manner noted above (or variations of it) there will be no dogs in the area since they will not yet have spawned.


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