Tima Lax
Clear Sky



SCS Loners Loners


TRs 301
Sunrise suit
upgraded Fora-12

...we didn't exactly come to this forest to pick mushrooms.
- Tima Lax

Tima Lax is a Loner stalker who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Tima Lax has been known to be the leader of the group of Loners who offers the optional mission Guard the stalkers on their way to the anomalous area in the Red Forest.


  • The squad leader and members of this group are different in every game. However, one of them, whether it's Tima Lax or not, will play this role.
  • Even if he dies before you collect your reward, one of the survivors will pay you.
  • Another member of the group has some stashes for sale. See Tolik White for more information.

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