A trader is an NPC, and technically a small faction, with whom the player can interact for buying and selling items. While almost all friendly and neutral characters can be traded with, a trader is defined as a character who has items independent of his own inventory. More precisely, a trader has a stock of different items while a non-trader only has the items he uses. Traders also tend to reside in safe areas and have unlimited money with which to buy items from the player. A trader's inventory of items changes periodically. In Clear Sky players had to be wise who they sold their items to as now traders have different offers for all items, this feature returns in Call of Pripyat.

List of traders in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gamesEdit

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Clear SkyEdit

Call of PripyatEdit


  • A very helpful but annoying way to stock up on supplies with traders is to buy your equipment, quicksave, then quickload.

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