Turn off the Brain Scorcher

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Red Forest


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Well, Marked One, now we just need to deal with the Scorcher and open the way North! You ready to go now?
- Barkeep

Turn off the Brain Scorcher is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find the documents in X16 lab task to receive the Turn off the Brain Scorcher mission.


In your quest to open a path to the north, you must turn the Brain Scorcher off so you don't become just another Zombie. To get there, you must fight your way through the Army Warehouses and the Red Forest. The good news is, the bunker itself is only guarded by a couple of Bloodsuckers. The bad news is, Monolith is not happy about you turning off their Zombie Maker.

Mission: Reach the antennaeEdit

This is, perhaps, the most challenging part of the task. From the 100 Rads bar, you need to travel through the Army Warehouses and then follow the road through the Red Forest. The Army Warehouses offers a number of side missions between Freedom and Duty. You can choose to take sides and help one or the other. Or, go straight to The Barrier and transition to the Red Forest, which is heavily guarded by Monolith. When you enter the complex where the antennae are, the mission is complete.

Mission: Find the entrance to the control bunkerEdit

Inside the complex are more Monolith, some with sniper rifles. Your goal is to the spot along the eastern wall that aligns with the target on your PDA map. This target is a bit misleading in that it marks an underground entrance, so you have to find a way underground to get there. When you do, the mission is complete.

Mission: Deactivate the machineEdit

Getting to the switch to turn the Brain Scorcher off requires the elimination of two or three Bloodsuckers, but that's about it. If you're a stash collector, there's some metal boxes here and there for your hunting pleasure. When you find the switch and turn the machine off, the mission is complete, and another cut scene plays out. When it's over, a new task shows on your PDA: Wish granter. Now you just have to fight your way out of the bunker.


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