Tuzla tunnel
CS Tuzla tunnel

Great Swamp

Notable loot

Veles detector, Gravi


The Tuzla tunnel is located in the Great Swamp and can be visited in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Tunnel is located in the northwest corner of the Swamp area. It is restricted on all sides with barbed wire and irradiated water. A breach in the fence makes the area accessible. To reach it, search for a corpse marked on the PDA and walk left at the barbed wire fence into the reeds.

This place is of interest, as there is a cave left of the bridge, where you can find a Veles detector early in the game and a Gravi in the bucket. The Detector is hidden behind the mattress.

The corpse is part of the side mission Clear Sky scout's PDA, see List of optional missions in Clear Sky.


The cave next to the bridge looks very similar to the Dangerous Cave.

The location appeared also in the Swamp (build 1935) behind the intact bridge, but access was also blocked.


2015-09-15 00001

Exact location in PDA of the breech at the wires

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