Under the bush by the wall
Under the bush by the wall

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type



Agroprom South of Military camp.

Coordinates given by



Various anomalies, dogs and soldiers in the area...


There is a half buried safe under the bush - that's where I hide everything.
- ''PDA message''


The safe is behind, i.e., south of the Agroprom Research Institute and, if you have the coordinates, you can grab the loot as you're finishing the mission to steal the documents (Walkthrough). If you haven't killed every soldier in the complex, go to the roof after grabbing the documents and go down the ladder hanging from the west side of the east elevator/stair section of the building. On the ground, go south to the wall and turn left and go to the opening in the wall. Turn right and follow the wall back to the stash. Then get over the hill to get out of the soldier's line of fire.

Otherwise, stay on the south side of the hill that runs south of the wall to avoid contact with the military. Just be careful of the anomalies and mutants.


  • A stash for the true aficionado:
    • Long walk..
    • Hostile terrain,
    • Plenty of Blind dogs, Pseudodogs and Mature Boars on the prowl,
    • Pockets of low-level Radiation,
    • Many other anomalous hazards on the way..
    • Several opportunities to get shot,
    • Long walk back...


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