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The Underpass is one of several methods that can be used to pass through the Railway embankment to access the northern half of Cordon. It lies to the west of the Military checkpoint and is one of two options to traverse the embankment without payment.


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Usually this is the first place that the player goes to when first playing the game to try and pass through the Railway embankment and access the northern half of Cordon. If one follows Sidorovich's quest to meet the journeyman this is where the map will take the player.

Passing through the tunnel is tricky, as it is filled with Electro anomalies which move through the Tunnel from south to north. It is possible to walk through the tunnel trailing the anomalies as they move north but this can be quite tricky particularly for one new to the game as the Detector is very distracting as the player passes close to the anomalies.

There is a small area in the middle of the tunnel which contains numerous long-dead zombies and allows a space for the player to rest (and quicksave). When the northern end of the tunnel is reached, the player will receive a radio transmission from Sidorovich with the quest to Learn something about Strelok from Fox. It also completes the quest to traverse the railway embankment.



One Flash and two Sparklers are visible during the relevant periods midway through the Underpass.

Clear SkyEdit

In Clear Sky, there is nothing noteworthy about this place. There are no Electro anomalies in the tunnel. A squad of Loners may be found defending the northern entrance to the tunnel when the player first comes along. Later, those Loners will probably disappear. If mutants take over the place, one may obtain the quest to retake the location from Loner Squad Leaders.

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