Unnamed Experienced Dutyer
Unnamed Duty
Shadow of Chernobyl



Dolg PatchDuty

Everyone who believes in the Monolith is completely nuts. They keep banging on about it but nobody actually knows what's in the center of the Zone. An invisible crystal that fell from the skies...ha-ha-ha! I reckon one of the secret labs blew up - I mean some stalkers used to work in a few of them. But, obviously, you can't bomb the Zone. Not only will the radiation spread all over the world, half of Europe would be flattened by the Zone's reaction. "Someone" has gone totally mad lately - I heard they're killing normal stalkers for no reason at all. How do you like that? Damn fanatics.
- The character's only quote
The Unnamed Experienced Dutyer is a character in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


This Duty member has his name randomly generated but not his appearance - he is always seen wearing a PSZ-9d suit with a balaclava and a Obokan assault rifle. He can be found inside the 100 Rads in Rostok, standing at a table between Baldy and the Unnamed Rookie Loner. The player can interact with him in a single dialogue where he mentions that the Monolith fighters are completely out of their mind and started opening fire on other stalkers for no apparent reason.

Just like other visitors within the bar, this character may randomly appear/disappear when the player approaches the bar.

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