Unnamed Rookie Loner
Unnamed Rookie
Shadow of Chernobyl

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Nobody has managed to get through the vehicle scrapyard because of the Brain Scorcher. Some people did see a stalker go through the invisible border, fall over, then get up in a couple of minutes and head straight for the center of the scrapyards. He ain't been seen since...
- The character's only quote
The Unnamed Rookie Loner is a character in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


This Loner has his name randomly generated but not his appearance - he is always seen wearing a Leather jacket with a balaclava and a AKM-74/2U. He can be found inside the 100 Rads in Rostok, standing at a table to the right of Snitch. The player can interact with him in a single dialogue where he mentions that nobody managed to get past the Brain Scorcher, but one stalker managed to go through, never to be seen again.

Just like other visitors within the bar, this character may randomly appear/disappear when the player approaches the bar.


  • The Loner strangely mention a "vehicle scrapyard". The Vehicle graveyard refers to a location within the Garbage (obviously out of the Brain Sorcher's range), though it is likely he is actually referring to the Barrier.

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