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Can you tell me anything that would be useful to a rookie?
- Strelok
Useful to a rookie? Well, listen up. To the north, not far from the Brain Scorcher, Freedom have set up their HQ in an old military base. They're notorious nihilists, anarchists and criminals - freedom fighters, fucking guerrillas, all of them. All they do is sabotage research groups, attack Army units and constantly skirmish with Duty. These skirmishes are now spilling over into a small-scale war for survival. Let me give you some advice: never get involved with them. They'll only accept you if you're totally crazy and there's a reward on your head. Ha-ha-ha. Can you believe that?
- The unnamed Loner
The Unnamed Veteran Loner is a character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


This randomly-named Loner can be found at a table in the corner behind Brome in the 100 Rads bar in Rostok. While his name is randomly generated each time, his gear is always the same: he is wearing a brown Trenchcoat and uses a VLA Special Assault Rifle as a main weapon. He cannot be seen outside the bar and will randomly vanish/appear within the 100 Rads when the player stands far away enough from the bar or switches areas.

The player can interact with him only as a dialogue. The Veteran Loner will tell the player about the Freedom faction and their base in the Army Warehouses. He apparently despises Freedom fighters as he calls them "nihilists, anarchists and criminals", and states that all they do is sabotage research groups, and skirmish with Duty and the Military.

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  • In the Czech translation, he refers to Freedom members as "Che Guevaras", a nod to the real-life person who became symbol of rebellion and global insignia in popular culture - Freedom's ideals are often regarded as close to communism.

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