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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha To-Do List

Every Stalker knows of the Lost Alpha mod, but for any soon-to-be Stalker who doesn't, check it out.

Pretty much all of the fundamental information is released. Most small time modders such as myself look at Lost Alpha as the next S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, and we'll be releasing mods for it. I've gathered some ideas and plan to put together a mod compilation, similar to Oblivion Lost and Complete. Merged mods include the following.

  • K10 Vision textures by True Zone Projects (permission given)
  • Lost Alpha Absolute Nature for LA by CrommCruac (permission given)
  • Arsenal mod: I'll be adding dozens of guns
  • Gnomus scopes by Gnomus

My changes would be as follows:

  • Arsenal weapons given to NPCs
  • Some custom scope textures
  • Changed ballistics of all weapons to mirror their real-life performance
  • Change some gunshots to louder, more authentic ones
  • I'll do my usual change to the AN-94 - Remove full auto and change rate of fire to 1800 RPM. I do this because you can't replicate the AN-94's functionality in the game, so I'll just replicate its burst fire mode since that's what most people would use.
  • Change Desert Eagle caliber to .50AE, and add these bullets to the game. Traders will have them later in the game just like in CoP Remix.
  • Adjusting zoom for all weapons - iron sights won't have an unrealistic zoom, while scopes will have the same zoom as their real-life counterparts.
  • Artifact stats balanced/made less overpowered
  • Suit stats balanced/made less overpowered
  • Adjust mutant properties, making Chimera, Pseudogiant, and other mutants more dangerous. Pseudogiant will have resilience like CoP, Chimera would be as fast/resilient as in CoP Remix, Burer, Bloodsucker, and Controller would have increased health if needed.
  • Maybe add some songs to PDA, or put them on flash drives in some stashes
  • Add new armors

Below are the newer, experimental things I want to try.

  • Add some custom NPCs, including myself just for kicks
  • Add new factions: Final Day and International Scientific Group (ISG) from earlier builds of Clear Sky.
  • Add quests/traders and other unique NPCs for new factions

I really can't wait until its release! The basic changes, such as everything before the experimental list, will be implemented immediately.

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