VOG-25R Grenade
Soc icon vog-25r

Weight per 1 box or piece: 0.08 kg
Calibre: 40mm
Distance: Medium
Accuracy: High
Damage: Very High
Impulse: Very High
Piercing: High
Armor Penetration: High
Stun: Very High
Pellets: No
Tracer: No
Air Resistance: High
Explosive: Yes

A grenade for the GP-25 Koster grenade launcher, the integrated grenade launcher of the Tunder S14 and the Bulldog 6 revolver grenade launcher. Prior explosion the grenade leaps up about one meter increasing its killing effect.
- Ingame VOG-25R Grenade description.

The VOG-25R Grenade is a type of grenade launcher shell ammunition featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

General characteristics Edit

The VOG-25R is a 40mm anti-personnel grenade, which detonates with a delay after the impact. The shell weights 0.08 kg.

Usage Edit

Both the VOG-25 and the VOG-25R can be used in the GP-25 Kostyer Grenade Launcher, the Tunder S14's underbarrel GP-25 Kostyer grenade launcher and the Bulldog 6.

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Acquisition Edit

The VOG-25R cannot be bought from traders. They can be found in the Dark Valley, Lab X-18, Wild Territory and in the Army Warehouses inside the armory in the Freedom base.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Unlike the M209 Grenade, the VOG-25 is a caseless shell, meaning its propellant is stored within the grenade itself and it does not leave a an empty shell after being fired. Unlike other grenades, the VOG-25R is designed to "Rebound" when it explodes which is known as Extended Range Low Pressure, this extends the grenade's lethality by 1 meter as it "jumps" upon primary detonation.
  • Though not available in Clear Sky by default those grenades can be added by mods.


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