VOG-25 Grenade
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Weight per 1 box or piece: 0.08 kg
Calibre: 40mm
Distance: Medium
Accuracy: High
Damage: Very High
Impulse: Very High
Piercing: High
Armor Penetration: High
Stun: Very High
Pellets: No
Tracer: No
Air Resistance: High
Explosive: Yes

Regular fragmentation grenade for the GP-25 Koster underbarrel grenade launcher. This round has a 5 meter kill zone. The VOG-25 grenade is also used in the Tunder S14 complex and Bulldog 6 revolver-type grenade launcher.
- Ingame VOG-25 Grenade description.

The VOG-25 Grenade is a type of grenade launcher shell ammunition featured in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Overview Edit

The VOG-25 40mm muzzle-loading caseless anti-personnel grenade that explodes when it hits a hard object, it is designed to fragment upon explosion. When it explodes, it releases a powerful, short-range explosion that would disorient and/or kill everyone in its blast radius.

It is compatible with the GP-25 Koster Grenade Launcher, the Bulldog 6, and the integrated launcher on the Tunder S14.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Traders do not sell these grenades, but they can be found in crates or boxes, stashes and received as rewards, primarily by General Voronin by doing jobs for Duty.

Crates or Boxes Edit

  • Dark Valley bandit base - armoury room
  • Dark Valley bandit base - Borov's office

Mission Rewards Edit

Stashes Edit

Clear SkyEdit


Call of PripyatEdit


Background information Edit

The VOG-25 series grenades are particularly different compared to other grenade shells as these shells are caseless, meaning they have their propellant within the grenade shell itself and does not leave a shell casing as contrast to the M203 40mm Grenade.