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What do I do? If I go, I'll lose money. If I don't go, I'll end up dead!
- Vano

Vano's Debt is a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyatside mission given by Vano in Yanov station.


Vano needed a new suit as his old one was getting worn out and then he saw a new SEVA suit for sale by Jack. However, he always came up short when counting his money but then Jack told Vano that he can pay the rest later. When Vano came up with the cash, Jack then demanded interest, which Vano obliged to pay. Much to Vano's dismay however, once he paid the interest, Jack then said that more interest builds up as he fails to pay him which eventually led to Vano selling his SEVA suit and weapons just to keep up with the ever rising interest.

The player can offer one's help to Vano to pay his debt to Jack once and for all and he will provide the player with 5000RU to pay his debt. Doing this side mission is also needed to recruit Vano into the player's squad for the Pripyat Underground.


The player has a number of options for Jack when paying off Vano's debt:

Pay him with interestEdit

Pay Jack a total of 7000RU. Vano only gives 5000RU so the other 2000RU will come from the player.

Pay him without interestEdit

You have the option of threatening Jack to remove the 2000RU interest but you'll have to brandish a high-tier weapon when talking to him, like a Tunder S14 or GP-37. The player can access this option by saying that he's not afraid to use his shooter and that interest is no good to a corpse. You can procure high-end weaponry early in the game from Nimble or giving Morgan's PDA to a faction leader so you can loot the Duty warehouse, where a Tunder S14 can be found, among other things. Otherwise, a RPG-7u can be looted from the Volkhov AA Complex armory.

If one shows up with a common low-tier weapon like an Akm-74/2 , TRs-301 or AC96/2 , he'll just laugh the player off and still demand interest.

Weapons that can be used to intimidate Jack:

Kill himEdit

If you can't threaten Jack with words or you have no patience for diplomacy: the last option is to wipe out Jack and his posse. The fight isn't especially hard since the bandits are mostly armed only with SPSA-14s and TRs-301 and AKm 74/2U with Jack the only threat with his Eliminator. This is a profitable option for expert gunfighters as Vano will let you keep the 5000RU for the debt. You also now have a chance to loot Jack's particularly rare Eliminator shotgun.

A good tactic is waiting for an emmission, because all of the bandits will take cover in the room with Jack, all the player needs to do is toss an F1 grenade in the room and shoot them as they come out. The grenade is very effective as it will kill or incapacitate 50%-75% of Jack's men.


If the player goes in guns blazing, one will receive the 5000RU given by Vano and a chance to salvage a rare Eliminator from Jack's corpse. Also, nearly every bandit in that camp packs 3 F1 Grenades, killing all the bandits there would give the player a very large supply of F1 grenades early in the game.

If taking the peaceful route, it becomes a pre-requisite for the Diplomat achievement.

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