Village ruins

Great Swamp

Notable buildings


Notable loot

Metal box x 6, wooden box x2

Renegade camp, Guide (Taxi service), Springboard anomaly


The Village ruins is one major location in the Great Swamp in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The village is in the northwest area of the Great Swamp and consists mostly of crumbling cement block buildings, a few wooden structures, and a tower. With a Guide (Taxi service) stationed there, the village is a great launch point for the optional missions that take place in the northern area of the swamps, and to go looking for the Hidden Veles Detector.


The road that runs along the northern part of the swamps connects the village with the Machine yard. On the east side of the village, there are two wooden buildings along the north side of the road and a tower on the other side. The structure closest to the center of the village has a couple of metal boxes on some selves. To the west is a Springboard anomaly that has created a bowl-like depression in the ground that allows you to actually walk under the anomaly. Continuing west, this building has a wooden box inside, two metal boxes on the roof, a crate on the south side, and a Clear Sky squad leader stationed there. Not far away is the Guide (Taxi service). The next building is mostly under radioactive water, accept for the fireplace holding a metal box. The building on the far west end is the same, and you may need to shoot the metal box off the fireplace to get to it. There's two cement block buildings on the south side of the road. The one closest to the tower has a wooden box. The other building, also in radioactive water, contains the Carpetbag under stove stash.


The village is a Renegade base at the start of the game. Clear Sky needs to take it over before you can access, which they usually do in the very beginning.


Clear SkyEdit

The Village ruins is one objective of the faction wars in the Great Swamp.


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