Vorpal's secret stash
Vorpal's secret stash

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type



Rookie Village, loft adjacent to Wolf or Fanatic.

Coordinates given by

Soldiers usually.


May contain the 9x18mm JSP-AP rounds in legacy or modded versions.
Located in the attic, not the cellar.


Found out from Vorpal that there's a secret stash in the cellar. Our men were carrying out a scouting expedition in the area. Let's check it out.
- ''PDA message''


The stash is in the Rookie Village on the north side of the road in the attic (not the cellar) of the house Wolf or Fanatic is standing next to. Go up the ladder and crouch to get into the opening. The backpack is on the floor hidden behind a crossbeam near the chimney.


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