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What you want is here, Stalker. Come.

Wish granter - mission is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Turn off the Brain Scorcher task to receive the Wish granter - mission mission.


When you turn off the Brain Scorcher, you hear the voice of the Wish Granter. And if you look at the mission description on your PDA, you see that Marked One is compelled to answer the call. As you emerge from the the bunker, Barkeep gives you an update and instructs you to join a group of veteran outside Pripyat. But soon you'll be on your own again and must fight your way into the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and eventually to the Sarcophagus, where you'll be faced with an important decision that will impact the remainder of your game.

Mission: Sneak in to the sarcophagusEdit

The mission starts at the switch to the Brain Scorcher. Monolith soldiers are waiting for you at various points of the bunker as you make your way back to the surface. When you get to the last soldier, check your PDA Diary for Found PDA. One of the last Monolith may have had a bonus stash for you. When you exit the bunker, you hear a radio broadcast.

When you leave the complex, Barkeep tells you about the rush to get to the Wish Granter and that you can meet a group of veterans to help you get through. As you go back up the road you came in on, you hear another radio broadcast between Duty and Freedom, and when you get to the bus stop, you find the two groups fighting each other and the squad of Monolith at the top of the hill.

When you transition to Pripyat, a new task shows on your PDA: Reach the power plant. When you find your way into the plant, and fight your way to the top floor, you can either find the Secret lab, or continue on to the Wish Granter. As you enter the doorway marked by the target on your minimap, this mission is complete.

Mission: Find the Wish GranterEdit

You are now in the cement-filled Sarcophagus and must find your way up and out. When you reach the surface, there's a large glowing item that you can't quite get to unless you go the long way around. When you reach the Wish Granter, press Action to state your wish. This triggers a cut scene and ends the game.

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