Work for the trader

"Listen, Marked One... I've done some thinking..."

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by



Agroprom Research Institute


5000 RU


Traider: "As soon as you steal the briefcase from the Institute take it to the Barkeep. He runs the 100 Rads - the stalker bar. It's located on the site of the former Rostok factory."

Work for the trader is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Get information from the scout task and ask Sidorovich for a special mission.


Sidorovich offers to give you information on Strelok if you do some work for him first. He sends you to the Agroprom Research Institute to steal some documents from the Military and take them to Barkeep.

Mission: Find the Militaries' [sic] DocumentsEdit

Your instructions from Sidorovich is to go north to the Garbage and then west to the Agroprom Research Institute. Along the way, you will encounter several other missions. See After Underground for a walkthrough of this mission. But for now, get to the railroad embankment (you received this task at the same time as the Find the Militaries' Documents).

Mission: Take the Documents to the BarkeepEdit

Once you have the documents, the next stage is to head for the 100 Rads bar by way of the Garbage. When you get to the transition point to the Garbage, there are three Military waiting for you. Use the trees along the road as cover to take them out. There may also be Bandits waiting for you on the other side. You need to get to the Duty checkpoint at the north end of the Garbage. As you approach the checkpoint you'll be asked to help fight off a herd of Boar. Whether you help or not, the guard will let you through as long as you have the documents. Beyond the checkpoint is the transition point to the Rostok factory complex, which is where you'll find Barkeep. When you give him the documents, the mission is complete and a new task shows on your PDA: Find the documents in the underground lab.


  • The Agroprom Factory is now occupied by either Loners or Bandits. If you need to load up your backpack with stuff to sell to Barkeep, you should be able to enter the eastern gate without too much gun-play.

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